Get To Know Us

When You Support A Small Business - You're Supporting A Real Dream

Scent Of Sanctuary is a small business, set in the heart of beautiful Dorset.

Fragrance, skin care & body products have and always will be, such a massive passion of mine.
Since as young as I can remember, I'd always collect 'pots & potions' from hotel rooms, or pinching some from my mothers bathroom as a young girl. It has always captivated me. The smells, the texture, the experience..

I've spent the past 13 years within the beauty industry - and during those years, I have been lucky enough to open my very own salon, The Sanctuary Of Poundbury - offering wonderfully pampering treatments, for my wonderful clients. Now that was (and still is) a 'pinch me' moment.
Filling the place with different scents to suit different moods. Whether that be through candles, diffusers, or incorporating essential oils within massage.  The power of fragrance is truly outstanding, in making you feel uplifted, relaxed, nostalgic or simply comforted.

When Coronavirus took hold of the world - and we were all placed in lockdown. My salon, like thousands of other businesses, was forced to close for the foreseeable. Who knew how long, or what damage would be done in that time.
I knew, being the hands on person that I am - I had to fill my time doing something. Reading suits some people, but for me, I needed to be doing something practical. (I was never much of a theory student at school - I loved getting stuck in with practical tasks!!)
I thought about all of the ways that I could spruce the salon up, and make it seem somehow different, whenever I was next able to open my doors. That's when Scent Of Sanctuary was created.

I wanted to bring different products into the scene, that my clients hadn't seen or experienced before - after endless research and inspiration - I came to the conclusion that, perhaps now is the time to take that leap of faith, and pursue something that I'd always wanted to do. Create products, from scratch!  I'd seen so many people doing it themselves, which was so inspirational to me. People who have created businesses during a time where there was so much worry and hopelessness about what the future would hold.

And so I thought to myself - I am going to do this. I'm going to make something beautiful for all of my clients and customers to experience. 

Yes, there are a lot of Candle and Home Fragrance brands out there - but each and every one has a story to tell. They're all beautiful. 


All of our products are made my hand using high quality ingredients.
Our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax - for a cleaner, non-toxic fragrance experience.
Free from Parabens, Palm, Beeswax, Dyes and Synthetic Additives, and Vegan friendly.

Our Bath & Body products are Cruelty Free, Organic and safe for sensitive skin.

They are all Phthalate, Petroleum and Paraben-Free.
We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals.

We absolutely love them, and hope you do too!